News Updates

1. Term One January 2022

     Opening Dates- 10th January 2022 for all Trainees(Continuing and New)

2. Registration of Candidates July 2022 Series

     1st March 2022- 31st March 2022

3. KNEC Examinations July 2022 Series

     Practical and Theory Exams 25th July 2022- 19th August 2022

4. Term Two May 2022

      Opening Dates – 3rd May 2022 – 29th July 2022 (All Trainees, From Attachment and New Admissions)

5. Registration of Candidates November 2022 Series

     1st June 2022 – 30th June 2022

6. KNEC Examinations November 2022 Series

     Practical and Theory Exams 22nd November – 17th December 2022

Tree Planting

A total of 1000 indigenous trees of 15 different species were planted within the school compound. This event was organized by Ndia Technical and Vocational College in conjunction with Green Spaces.

Covid Awareness

Due to increased COVID infections, our school acknowledges World Health Organization regulations.

Talk from NACADA

Due to the rampant use of drugs and substances among young people, NACADA conducted a talk on drug abuse , ways to avoid drug abuse and how to withdraw from drugs and substance abuse.

Gravity Pump

Innovative project which entails a water pump thatonly uses pressure and gravity to function.

News Updates


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